In 1967, a number of concerned people in Desoto Parish were interested in operating a private school that
sought to offer educational opportunities with standards of excellence where prayers could be offered and the
Bible read with an open expression of faith in God-lasting values upon which America's foundation is laid.
In the summer of 1967, the Central School Corporation Board of Directors was organized, and a corporate
charter to operate a private school, kindergarten through high school, was submitted to the Secretary of State
in Baton Rouge. Through much hard work and the dedication of fourteen families, the charter was granted. In
August of 1967, Central School opened with twenty-six students. The Corporation leased the old Grand Cane
High School, including all of its facilities, from the Grand Cane Development Association.

Central received accreditation the first year and has been an accredited school ever since. It is currently
accredited through the Louisiana Department of Education and the Midsouth Association of Independent

In the summer of 1969, more people saw the need to have a school for their children where Christian values
and American principles would be upheld. God continued to bless, and Central grew.
The mascot for Central School is the Pioneer. The Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) defines pioneer as
'a person or group that is the first to do something or that leads in developing something new.' It is evident
that there has been a true pioneer spirit present in Central School since its very beginning. In fact, we could not
have kept our doors open throughout the years, if it had not been for the dedication, hard work, generous
donations, and love for children from parents and friends-true pioneers. The heritage of pioneers is that of a
winner-in the classroom, in sports, at home, at work, and, most of all, in character.

We know where our help comes from-our Heavenly Father. Central has been blessed by God. We are grateful
for our history and heritage, and we know that God is positioning us for greater work ahead. In 2023, the
school added a DBA as Central Christian Academy to better align with our mission. May God continue to bless
Central Christian Academy, and may CCA continue to serve God and its country.ntry.